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Anatomy 02

The Brain II

Convolutions of the Brain.


Glimpse of Life in Development.


Open Torso.


I set out to address questions of what is underneath the skin; continued visualization of the invisible and unbelievable, imaginations of the working body. What we think of realistic depictions intermingles with blown up magnifications and artistic freedom.

Tatjana Hirschmugl

Yeast pixels 1.0


Survival of the fittest – the constant battle for resources, the dynamic equilibrium between growth & decline, survival & adaption - is as valid at a human scale as at a microscopic scale.


Using yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cells I want to illustrate this “arms race” of evolution. Overpopulation and scarcity of resources is reflected in the growth of the cells. Over the course of the growth period and depending on the density of cells and the availability of nutrients, a picture should emerge from the entirety, resembling pixels on a screen or on a billboard.

yeast plate 03

Silvia Hüttner


(Further information on evolution: "Evolution 101" from the University of California, Berkeley.)


Society is a paradox: The individual needs to be embedded into a context of rules and normatives, in order to co-exist with other beings; but of course, there's nothing without the other - and therefore no laws, which shouldn't be broken.

Simon Goritschnig



A – Symbiose


Die in vitro Orchideengläser sind ein in sich geschlossenes Ökosystem. Sie nehmen nur
Sonnen- oder Kunstlicht von Außen auf. Sie sind vor äußeren Umwelteinflüssen wie
Bakterien oder Pilzen geschützt. Ein eigener, steriler Lebensraum. Sie leben für sich in
Asymbiose. Ihre Reproduzierbarkeit ist vom Labor und Menschen abhängig.
Im natürlichen Lebensraum benötigen die Orchideensamen zur Keimung einen
Symbiosepilz, der den Embryo ernährt. Dieser Pilz versorgt den Samen mit allen
notwendigen Substanzen und ermöglich damit die Keimung.
Die Mykorrhiza: Eine Verbindung von Pilz und Wurzel bzw. von Myzel und Rhizom.
Der künstliche Lebensraum wird durch den Pilz zerstört (kontaminiert). In ihrem natürlichen
Lebensraum ist die Orchidee von dem Pilz abhängig, um überhaupt entstehen bzw. wachsen
zu können.

Sarah Rechberger

Götterspeise – Plants in Jelly 1.0

Roots anchor plants in the ground, provide nutrients and water for growth and survival. They are intricate, complex & branched structures, strong & fragile, and very diverse.


Transparent agar medium – containing all essential nutrients plants need for growth as well as the gelling agent agar as a support and stabilizer -  is often used in plant research in the lab to observe root growth.



Silvia Hüttner

Anatomy 01

"Although nature commences with reason and ends in experience it is necessary for us to do the opposite, that is to commence with experience and from this to proceed to investigate the reason."  Leonardo da Vinci

I started out by exploring questions of  representation (imagination) and observation. I made some first drafts to facilitate my arts-based studies.
Tatjana Hirschmugl