science-based art

Nature Animée

The exhibition Nature Animée presents works with bio-artistic qualities, which were produced within club pavillon_35.

Opening: 4.3.2013 - 19:30
Programm: 6.3.2013 - 19:30 - Conversation with Art and Science - Discussion: Formation and Development with Charlotte Jarvis and Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Marie-Theres Hauser

The works presented explore the relationship between humans and their microbial environment. Living materials, such as fungi, bacteria, seeds of orchids, beans and peas are shown in their artistic transformation. Concepts from anatomy and pathology are made aesthetically perceptible for the viewer.

See works by:

Daniela Brill
Simon Goritschnig
Tatjana Hirschmugl
Sivlia Hüttner
Michal Marencik
Sarah Rechberger

During the exhibition, visitors are invited to conduct small biological experiments.

Heiligenkreuzerhof Sala Terrena - Stiege 7 - Schönlaterngasse 5 - 1010 Wien

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