science-based art

The Phage λ Simulacrum @ Alma Gallery


The exhibition presents three projects, which in different ways engage with life sciences. The projects are created in collaboration with scientists, wherein the artists have worked with tools, materials and methods of scientific research instead of media traditionally associated with the artistic practice. The artists work in the field in between art and scientific research with the focus on molecular and human biology

Biocommons @ Camp Pixelache 2014


6th – 8 th of June 2014 – Biocommons conference @ Camp Pixelache 2014 on the island of Vartiosaari, Helsinki. Exploring the thematic of the Bio-Commons, members of DIYBio Europe and beyond gathered for a workshop.

Glow your own @ DIY Bio Lounge Berlin

In January 2014 we packed our gear and took part in the DIY Bio Lounge in the ArtLaboratoryBerlin hosted by Rüdiger Trojok. While exchanging our experience with Vibrio Fischerii we also heard interesting talks about open source antibiotics and discussed how an open drug discovery process could look like. In a fascinating dark room installation ...

Glow our own 1.1


The first experiments to shape the vibrio fischeri colonies has been successful, showing where to look for the essential parameters. The next recipe is ahead...        

Anima 1.5 @ das weisse haus

Anima 1.5 is exhibited with fresh yeast prints at DIGITAL FRICTIONS. opening today, Dec 3, 6:30 pm das weisse haus - 1040 Wien, Argentinierstraße 11  

Glow our own 1.0


Our second test to grow vibrio fischeri has been successful, testing 3 different culture mediums, more experiments to come...   Medium 1 (LB plus sea salt from the Indian Ocean)   Medium 2 (LB plus salt from the Austrian Alps)     Medium 3 (the lazy scientist´s choice, off the shelf marine agar)        

Yeastogram Workshop @ Pixelache and the Finnish Society of Bioart


A bioart workshop with Lucas Czjzek from the Bioart Club pavillon_35 / Vienna Austria. Date: 9-11.12.2013 Place: Pixelache and Bioart Society office Kaasutehtaankatu 1 00540 Helsinki For registration send an email to until 2nd of December No prior knowledge is necessary. Participation contribution 10.- EURO – Coffee/Tee included. Yeastograms are alive images out of yeast cells and produced in a ...

Yeastogram Workshop @ Cynetart Dresden


Between the 15th and 17th of November 2013 Pavillon 35 presented Lucas Czjzek’s work ANIMA

recipe #1 – Yeastograms


We publish the techniques and methods, which we are developing in our lab, in the recipe section. In our first edition we describe a method for yeast printing. Feel free to contact us here, if you have further questions regarding our recipe or if you want to send us your results, which we would like to publish on

The Phage λ Simulacrum @ Viennafair 2013


The Phage λ Simulacrum Clemens Grabher . Клеменс Грабнер Niki Passath . Ники Пассат Hansjörg Petschko . Хансйорг Печко Günter Seyfried . Гюнтер Зайфрид Kristin Weissenberger . Кристин Вайссенбергер   Ein Projekt der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, dem Pavillon 35 Biokunst Club und dem Institut für Polycinease Dass weder die Wissenschaft noch die Kunst die Welt je vollständig erklären werden können, ist ...

Tree Chimera @ Paraflows 2013


In the context of the bio art club ‘Pavillon_35′ we deal with molecular biological processes within the scope of laboratory work on the one hand and also with their process of growth and the artistic involvement with these living materials. At the same time, we try to develop, discover, or re-discover methods and procedures. ‘Tree Chimera’ ...

Anima 1.0 @ Essence 2013

The apparatus ANIMA generates an animation out of 21 live yeast images. The yeast images were created by UV radiation. Areas that were not touched by the UV radiation where able to grow the white yeast. The yeast images are constantly changing they grow and rewrite themselves. Three cameras capture live the rotating petri dishes ...

Yeastograms 1.1


Finally a test that pointed in the right direction.

Yeastograms 1.0


First experiments to get a grip on microbial-printing, testing different setups and recipes with yeast. Unexpected results suggested additional testing to improve procedures.

Nature Animée Exhibition View

Exhibition View

5.3. – 8.3 Exhibition Nature Animée
Works by:
Daniela Brill
Simon Goritschnig
Tatjana Hirschmugl
Sivlia Hüttner
Michal Marencik
Sarah Rechberger