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Pavillon 35 - Gesellschaft für wissenschaftsbasierte Kunst, is an independent, registered association,  based in Vienna, Austria.

The projects of Pavillon 35 spring up from a close and interdisciplinary collaboration between artists and scientists, in the fields of fine art and molecular biology. Pavillon 35 cooperates with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Open Science, Biofaction, Institut fuer Polycinease and FH Campus Wien Molekulare Biotechnologie.

The collaboration involves research into concepts of art,  philosophy and biology and the development of works of art. With the help of all project partners Pavillon 35 supports artists and scientists to concretize and realize projects in the tense field of art and molecular biology.


The current board members are:

Günter Seyfried
Kristin Weissenberger
Moya Hoke
Sonja Bäumel