Anima @ Essence 2013

The apparatus ANIMA generates an animation out of 21 live yeast images. The yeast images were created by UV radiation. Areas that were not touched by the UV radiation where able to grow the white yeast. The yeast images are constantly changing they grow and rewrite themselves. Three cameras capture live the rotating petri dishes containing each image of the animation.

The operation of the machine is necessary for the visibility of the animation. The refrigeration slows down the transformation of the yeast images. Each frame was taken from a mobile phone video and shows a deceased friend of the artist.

Yeast microorganisms have a cell nucleus therefore their structure is much closer to higher beings than that of bacteria. Yeast is an important model organism for biological and biomedical research and has been at the disposal of research for centuries. One day Bioscience will create machines just as mechanics and the computer code have done. The boundaries between living organisms and machines will soon fade.

Lucas Czjzek


K├╝nstlerhaus Wien
26. Juni 2013 - 14. Juli 2013