Waldinhalierbar @ Beirut Design Week 2018

From June 22nd to 29th 2018 Waldinhalierbar took part in the exhibition "Finest Austrian Design at Beirut Design Week 2018 - Design as our common future heritage", in the Beirut Souks, organised by ed. Triton Productions and curated by Bariaa Mourad.

Design projects: “Social design” by DOTTINGS-GOODGOODs / “inWASTEment” by mischer’traxler studio / “Iris” by najjar & najjar architects / “WaldInhalierbar” by pavillon_35 / “Raw” by Soda Designers – Nasrallah & Horner / “mitiMistici” jewelry by Daniel Spoerri.

Photography by Bariaa Mourad

Bariaa Mourad-Chadi - Austrian Ambassador Marian Wrba - Nada Nasrallah