Waldinhalierbar Exhibition View

In the course of the Vienna Design Week format Passionswege, pavillon_35 paired with the Saint Charles pharmacy.

Within this year's Vienna Design Week pavillon_35 and the Saint Charles pharmacy opened a temporary smoking or more specifically a vapor room. This project addresses the wholesome aspects of forests or, more precisely the quintessence of forests, the noble rite of smoking, evaporation and of silence and respite. The objective is to raise awareness of the innovative strength that can emerge out of the combination of art, science and design.

Overall design:
pavillon_35 (Günter Seyfried, Kristin Weissenberger, Moya Hoke)
Saint Charles pharmacy (Alexander Ehrmann)

Designobjects, vaporizers (design, production), displays, porcelain works, room concept:
pavillon_35 (Kristin Weissenberger, Moya Hoke)

Liquids, essences, venue:
Saint Charles pharmacy (Alexander Ehrmann)

Paul Stempberger

Forest installation:
Feldküche (Sophia Roma Weyringer)

Ritornell (Richard Eigner)

Forestcracker und Forestsorbet, Streetfoodevent (5.10.2017)
with the Austrian Federal Forests:
Eins & Eins Deluxe (Christoph Fink, Christian Mezera)

Forest-liqueur, vermouth:
rien (Hubert Peter)

The forest was brought to the audience by the Austrian Federal Forests.

Photography Kramar/Kollektiv Fischka