Yeastograms @ Bioart Society

A bioart workshop with Lucas Czjzek from the Bioart Club pavillon_35 / Vienna Austria.

Date: 9-11.12.2013

Place: Pixelache and Bioart Society office Kaasutehtaankatu 1 00540 Helsinki

For registration send an email to until 2nd of December

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Participation contribution 10.- EURO – Coffee/Tee included.
Yeastograms are alive images out of yeast cells and produced in a photography like process.

During the 3 days workshop Lucas Czjzek from the bioart club pavillon_35 is showing a method to cultivate baker’s yeast and how to shape the cultivation according to aesthetic and artistic decisions. The workshop explores the utilization of living organisms in artistic formation and expression using amateur-biological techniques.

  • First day 9th Dec. 17-21h: Preparation the culture medium and plating of the petri dishes. Design and  preparation of graphics stencils.
  •  Second day 10th Dec. 17-21h: Culturing of the yeast. Stencil exposure and incubation of the petri dishes.
  • Third day 11th Dec. 19-21h: Review of the results, discussion of artistic possibilities, socializing.

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