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Waldinhalierbar @ Vienna Design Week

In the course of the Vienna Design Week format Passionswege, pavillon_35 paired with the Saint Charles pharmacy. Within this year's Vienna Design Week pavillon_35 and the Saint Charles pharmacy opened a temporary smoking or more specifically a vapor room. This project addresses the wholesome aspects of forests or, more precisely the quintessence of forests, the noble ...

Waldinhalierbar @ Vienna Design Week

WALDINHALIERBAR September 29 – October 7  2017  except Sunday Gumpendorfer Straße 33 . Vienna 1060 17.00 - 21.00 cet In the course of the Vienna Design Week format Passionswege pavillon_35 X Saint Charles pharmacy. Within this year's Vienna Design Week pavillon_35 and the Saint Charles pharmacy open a temporary smoking or more specifically a vapour room. This project addresses the ...

Nature Animée #2 Talks

22.4. 2017 Talks – Caroline Hammoutene / Doris Roth / Tobias Klein . [kat]alab . Andreas Stürmer . . Bethan Wolfenden . . Alexander Murer . . Rüdiger Trojok . . Markus Schmidt . . Jasjote Grewal . Centre for Ethics and Law in the Life . Ingeborg Reichle . University of Applied Arts Vienna . Assimina Kaniari . Athens School of Fine Arts

Nature Animée #2 Experiments

Do It Together biology experiments with hackteria, [kat]alab . MIT Media Lab . Open Science and pavillon_35 – Alexandra Schebesta . Brigitte Gschmeidler . Caroline Hammoutene . Doris Roth . Elena Kinz . Isabella Hübscher . Jasmina Metzke . Marc Dusseiller . Mary Maggic . Maya Minder . Susanne Edlinger . Tobias Klein . Urs Gaudenz . Vanessa Lorenzo

Nature Animée #2 Exhibition View

18.4. - 24.4. 2017 Exhibition Nature Animée #2 [pdf] Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels Sonnenfelsgasse 6 . 1010 Wien Opening speech . Ingeborg Reichle Cooking performance . Maya Minder Works by: Günter Seyfried / Roland van Dierendonck / Hansjörg Petschko / Federico Muffatto Kristin Weissenberger Moya Hoke Sonja Bäumel Uwe Sleytr   Photography  Stephan Wiesinger . Bernard Ammerer     Es kann immer auch anders sein [2017] . Kristin Weissenberger   Schinden [2017] . Moya ...

Nature Animée #2

The second exhibition from the series Nature Anmiée, by the collective pavillon_35, investigates the microbiom, fermentation and materialisation, digital and evolutionary aspects of synthetic biology and their accessibility. pavillon_35 creates an interdisciplinary exchange between art, design and the life-sciences.

Yeastograms @ Impossible Project Laboratory

A 3 day workshop, showing how to put forth Yeastograms at the The Impossible Project Lab in Berlin. We used Polaroid technology and hacks to create the stencils. Included was a microbial hunt workshop, as well. Many thanks to Peter Boesch for the documentation pictures.

Yeastograms @ Vienna Design Week


The exhibition Possible Tomorrows, curated by Biofaction, a program partner of the Vienna Design Week, shows a selection of technical and experimental design applications, which abstract from biotechnology and synthetic biology.

Microbial Cellulose Fabric 1.0


First experiments showed that it is possible to use different kinds of nutrients for a Kombucha medium such as kitchen scraps like potato peels or used coffee grounds and many more. More tests will show the different characteristics (qualities) different compounds will yield. Experiments also include composite materials.  

Yeastograms @ Waag

pavillon_35 was invited to produce the certificates of the first BioHack Academy issued by the Waag Society in Amsterdam and their partners in Barcelona, Rome and Sao Paolo. The Yeastogram certificates were presented at the graduation show on April 21st 2015.

Yeastogram Workshop @ HeK


On Saturday 22th and Sunday the 23rd of November 2014 pavillon_35 held their Yeastogram workshop at the opening weekend of the HeK – Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel, Switzerland.

DIYBio Europe and Biocommons Conference report

DIYBio Europe and Biocommons Conference in Vienna 25th to 27th of October 2014 With the help of Synenergene and Biofaction (Bio-fiction) it was possible to hold a conference within the DIYBio Europe network and to pick up topics from the last Biocommons conference at Camp Pixelache 2014, organising a follow-up. The first informal meeting on 25th October ...

Yeastograms @ Biofiction 2014


Yeastogram demo shown at the Bio-fiction festival between the 23rd and 25th of November 2014 at the Museum of Natural History Vienna.        

DIYBio Europe and Biocommons Conference


pavillon_35 together with Biofaction will host the next DIYBio Europe meetup in Vienna around the Bio-fiction Science Art and Film Festival which will take place between the 23th and 25th of October 2014 in the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. The the DIYBio-EU conference will take place on the 26th and 27th of October ...

DIYBio @ LifeScience Vienna Muthgasse

DIYBio @ LifeScience Vienna Muthgasse Brishty Alam 2014 . Yeast print, photo-documentation of poster, reference, site map   1. Tech Model Railroad Club. The hacker ethic. Unpublished (1959).Published in Levy, S. Hackers: Heroes of the computer revolution. 1, 27-38 (2010) DIYBio; a.k.a., biohackers; a.k.a., citizen scientists. The site; a new biotechnology research complex under-construction on the outskirts of Vienna. Extending out from the University of ...